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Treatment Options


While East Asian Medicine can give great relief to people with chronic conditions, like all medicine, EAM works best the earlier treatments begin in the progress of an illness or injury. 


Don’t wait for all else to fail!  Begin your journey to better health today.


Please see the list below for information regarding treatment options and pricing. You are welcome to call us to begin to discuss the best fit for your current health needs.


All treatments are by appointment, and a cancellation policy applies.

TCM private session

Private in-person sessions at good point acupuncture employ the full range of EAM techniques to address your health concerns.


Initial visits include a thorough interview process, examination of your pulse and tongue, and relevant physical exam, all of which are necessary to determine an accurate EAM diagnosis.  You will receive acupuncture at your first visit. 


A typical follow-up visit will begin with a complete update on your condition.  Your pulse quality and the appearance of your tongue will be recorded. 


At any of your visits, if she finds it beneficial to do so, your clinician may use one or more adjunct modalities (tui na, cupping, etc.)to enhance your treatment; she may offer dietary, lifestyle, or herbal recommendations, or may teach you qi gong excerises to fully support your healing process.


Please wear loose, comfortable clothing that can be rolled up past the elbows and knees.  Though gowns are available, most patients prefer to be treated in their own comfortable clothes when possible.

TeleHealth Consultations are offered to begin home care and are conducted via video or phone. The interview process is thorough, and depending on your condition, your clinician may ask you to demonstrate range of motion of painful areas, or otherwise examine you. You may be asked to show your tongue on camera. Chinese dietary therapy, therapeutic stretches, medical qi gong, or other home-care will be recommended.  Herbal therapy may be recommended as well. (Herbs are purchased separately through a vetted, stellar online dispensary and are delivered to your home.)


By appointment only.


Initial visit, 90 min: $125

Please arrive 15 min early to complete paperwork.


Follow-up visit, 45-60 min: $85

Initial TeleHealth Consultation, 45-60 min: $90

Follow-up TeleHealth Consultation, 20-30 min: $40

ear acupuncture

At good point acupuncture, auricular (ear) treatments are simple combinations of NADA points and/or specific organ/symptom/anatomy points based on Chinese and European microsystems. 


The NADA protocol is a five point ear acupuncture treatment that has been shown to relieve stress, insomnia, and mood disruptions.  It is safely and widely used to help people through emotionally difficult or even traumatic times, whatever the cause, to help people let go of unhealthy practices and habits, and to move toward moderation and balance in their lives.


Ear acupuncture is administered safely and quickly to calm and focus the mind, promote balance of the organ systems, encourage overall health and wellness, relieve pain and allergy symptoms, and "hit the reset button" when you need it. 


Regular treatment is an excellent option to maintain good health and manage general anxiety in our stressful world.  If a particularly difficult event, day or period of time arises, ear acupuncture can help you stay grounded through the different stages of life's challenges.  While ear acupuncture can not solve your problems, it may go a long way toward strengthening your resolve and acting from a steadier place in your mind and body.


Almost everyone is a good candidate for ear acupuncture, and minimal screening / interviewing is involved.  An initial ear acupuncture visit includes screening for possible cautions in receiving ear acupuncture (such as a history of seizures), a brief discussion of your health, and a quick examination of your pulse and tongue.  If your health issues and goals are more complex than auricular acupuncture can address, your clinician may recommend that you schedule an individual appointment.   Needles are inserted, and you can relax in a group setting for up to an hour afterward.  Typically, people sit with needles from 25-40 minutes.


Follow-up visits are similar, with a very brief update on your health, pulse, and tongue.  Your clinician may send you home with ear "seeds" on acupoints to extend your treatment through the week.


By special arrangement, we will come to your organization or event to administer auricular acupuncture.  Please contact us for more information.



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